What are GCMS Notes?

Global Case Management System (GCMS) is a centralized system used by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to process applications for immigration and citizenship. The GCMS notes contains detailed records of each application to IRCC, which includes, the complete application file, the supporting documents submitted by the applicant, correspondences sent to and/or from IRCC and detailed comments made by the officers who review the applications. These notes can be used to get an insight in to the processing of the applications. They also help in knowing the status of the application and taking the necessary steps, if required.

Types of Notes which can be ordered from our website:

GCMS Notes Basic: The electronic notes of the immigration and citizenship officers, status update of file and/or reasons for refusals. These give the detailed status of the application and the notes of the visa officer. Delivery time is usually around 35-40 days.

GCMS Documents: The complete application, supporting documents and correspondences sent to and/or from IRCC. These give you copies of all your documents and the application submitted to IRCC. Delivery time varies and usually takes longer than Basic.

GCMS Notes Advanced Plus: A combination of GCMS Notes Basic and GCMS Documents. By ordering this, you get detailed status of your application, the notes of the visa officers plus copies of all your documents and application submitted to IRCC. Delivery time varies.

CBSA Notes: GCMS Notes from CBSA about the immigration file. This is helpful for people who want to check the details of their Security Check and Security Screening. These can be ordered in case the GCMS Notes are delayed by IRCC. Delivery time is usually around 45-50 days.

In case you have any other specific requirements and want to get the information from the concerned agency in Canada, please use the Contact Us form and we will help you out.

Why Order GCMS/CBSA Notes

To Track Your Application Status

To Understand Your Application File

To Prepare For The Next Steps

To Know Reasons For Refusals

How To Order GCMS/CBSA Notes

Create an account: Register for an account on our website using your email address

Choose the type of notes you want: GCMS Notes Basic, GCMS Notes Advanced, GCMS Notes Advanced Plus or CBSA Notes

Select the payment currency: You can pay in either USD or INR

Checkout using a Secured Payment Gateway: Make the payment using a credit/debit card using our secured payment gateway. For payments made in INR, we also accept payments through Wallets, Net Banking and UPI.

Provide the relevant information about your application: Please provide all the required information and avoid any errors, in order to avoid processing delays

Send us the Consent Form: After the payment, you will receive an automated email with the consent form and the instructions to fill the form, please sign that form and after checking the details, email it to us. Once we receive the signed consent form, we will process your request

Receive Acknowledgement: Once your request is processed, you will receive an acknowledgement email

Check Status: You can check the status of your request on our website under the Order Status tab.

Notes Delivered: Your notes will be emailed to as soon as we receive it

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